Week One: Flowers and Ferns Gathering

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week we’re starting off using flowers and ferns we’ve gathered over the past few weeks.  Having spent the past few years in Providence, we’ve come to realize how many great plants are really all around, filling the cracks and crevices of the city with color.  In gathering bits of flora from throughout the city (and the rest of the Northeast), we’ve been careful to only take a few from each location so our utilization of our city’s resources doesn’t take away the friendly pops of color we’ve enjoyed in passing over the past few years (and which we hope makes other as happy as they make us).

This week we’re using–

Goldenrod: From the ditch (pictured above!) next to the train station in Providence.  We had some from a few weeks ago that we’d dried and went to grab some more today in hopes of seeing a comparison.

Black-Eyed Susans: From Brigid’s yard in Milwaukee, WI (though you can find plenty of them here in RI as well!)

Purple Coneflowers: From Brigid’s yard in Milwaukee, WI (again, plenty of these around Providence also!)

Ferns: We used some dried ferns that our friend and advisor, Sally, collected in Campton, NH and compared with some fresh ferns gathered at Lincoln Woods (right outside Providence)

Mystery Yellow Flower (to be identified soon!): We found an abundance of yellow flowers near the Provwash building on our campus (20 Washington Place, right next to the Providence Canal) and decided to give em a try, though we’ve been having a bit of trouble identifying them.  We haven’t given up, so hopefully we’ll have an update on these flowers soon!

Marigolds: We snatched a few bright yellow flower heads from a landscaped area at the Roger Williams memorial on North Main Street in Providence (shhh!)


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