Papermaking with Indigenous Fibers

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

We had the treat of getting to meet Wisconsin paper artist Robert Possehl who visited Brown and RISD the other week and gave a lecture “Autobiography of Landscape” and offered a papermaking workshop.  The event was part of the Watts History of the Book Program at Brown (

The workshop involved a lot of mashing and peeling and pulping and squishing and nature collecting and bagels and Midwest trail talk and all things good.  Also, beyond being a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning, Robert Possehl offered a lot of insight into fostering deeper relationships to the materials around us and looking to their history as well as their creative potential.  His collection methods relate a lot to ours and even though papermaking is another discipline altogether, there is plenty of cross-over to textiles in terms of being fiber-based and in being a huge strain on the environment once it is taken to an industrial scale.  It was great to get some perspective from someone in a different field!


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